Top Trending SUMMER JOBS

Granton Tech


In Canada, after the long and dreaded winter, employment opportunities are consistently shifting. With the summer months fast approaching, the following is a list of some seasonal employment suggestions that can help line your pockets with extra spending money or get you jump-started on a new career. If you require specific skill sets in order to seek out any of the below listed employment opportunities, review an array of “Skill Set Focused” online course from Granton Tech: (

Be it as a junior paver or an intern engineer, this industry awakens as soon as the ground thaws. In recent years, there has been a scarcity of skilled construction workers suggesting that this could be a viable long-term profession.

Two-income households are much more common in today’s Canadian society. As such, during the summer months, parents are under increasing strain to find suitable and affordable childcare solutions. As demand…

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