Keep Your Skills and Hope Alive

Skyrocketing Career

OK, so housing prices are going back up. But the economy is still faltering. The big recovery we were all waiting for isn’t here, yet. Reverberations of the last recession are still being felt around the world, in countries such as Greece, Japan, and now Cyprus. The war we are waging in the Middle East is draining money that should be spent on educating our children and putting people back to work here. Thousands of people continue to be laid off from their jobs, with social services declining. Those previously unemployed have disappeared from sight, because their unemployment benefits have run out, and their numbers are no longer counted in the official unemployment rate. We are still in crisis mode. The 6,000 lb. gorilla in the room is the federal budget “sequester” (we are being sequestered from a decent livelihood, health care, retirement). If we are employed, everyone knows how…

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