Career Champion: “A lean week”

Unique Ability

Sally Champion

Sally Champion continues her weekly blog about the process of setting up a part-time business as a writer. She had polio as a child and after years of working nine to five, she is now having to think differently about how to earn her living. Sally invites your comment and advice.

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Episode 5: “A lean week”

The family wedding I went to last weekend was fab.

Everybody came, even the Keith Richards of the cousins. He turned up, to great applause, very late in the evening after riotous festivities elsewhere.

The finery of apparel varied. Men were in stylish morning suits and others sported – well sporty looks.

Quite a few of the woman wore black which is apparently on trend, and the bride looked elegantly beautiful in a beaded, ivory, floor-length sheath.

Families and friends surveyed each other and then decided, after a few glasses of…

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