WordPress Blog Number Two – On Retirement and My Career

The Paul Butters Blog

Autumnal Woods by Ciro

(Photo Credit – Ciro of Love Emotion)

You know, I felt sure I’d already written a second blog on here, but no sign of such so… I have effectively been retired from employment since 2006. Nearly seven years of freedom. That’s longer than my brief career as a teacher. Yet it seems to have flown by.

Many folk feel lost when they pack in work. It’s as though a man’s job is part of his identity. Not so in my case. I keep playing table tennis every week, and have the injuries to prove it. And I keep starting my sentences with conjunctions as I write for the internet. Rebel me.

Have plenty of household chores to catch up on too, but let’s not go there.

NB I say that I’m free from “employment” rather than “work”. There is a big difference. I still work on my TT and writing…

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