EMPLOYEE RANT: I Work for a Boss That Curses All Day

thCANNAZW2       “I am the finance manager for an auto dealership and I am subjected to cursing tirades just about everyday. Ever since I started working at the dealership I have had to deal with my manager’s constant cursing. Although these cursing tirades are not directed at me, I am still getting tired of hearing it. The saddest part of all this is that my manager doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong. He curses just like it is normal. I know my co-workers are tired of it too, but they are too scared to say anything. We once had a customer walk out because they were appalled at all the foul language and my manager’s behavior. The dealership I work for sells very high end cars, so most customers are expecting high quality service. If I go in tomorrow and hear one more curse word, I think I may just have to say something”

Brent C.
Finance Manager


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