Johnny Lavoy Offers Career and Beauty Advice at the Make Up Show LA 2013

The Sassy Suit Blog

If you’re serious about a career as a hairstylist or makeup artist you’ve probably heard of professional hair stylist and makeup artist Johnny Lavoy.

Johnny Lavoy is a celebrity hairstylist and consulting hair expert for L’Oreal Paris. Project Runway fans can watch Lavoy weekly as the lead hair designer consulting with the fashion designers on their model’s look.

This year at The Makeup Show LA, Lavoy teamed up with legendary makeup artist Billy B to give real world advice for working professionals in the beauty industry. Their “Family Matters” seminar delivered information that will take you to the next level as an artist and build a strong career foundation. Lavoy shares his thoughts with me on what’s current for Spring/Summer 2013, beauty tips and advice for new artists.

What’s Hot This Season
Spring Summer 2013 will be all about a fresh face with pops of color. Sheen will be a…

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