How To Say Goodbye At Work

Lindskoog Counselling Services

Today I want to write about saying goodbye. It’s something I’ve done before (see post: “I’ll See You Around“), but recent experiences have inspired me to shed some more light on the topic. While my previous post had more to do with “terminating” (yes, that’s the actual word that we use) therapeutic relationships in a counselling context, I’ve had to say goodbye to a couple of work colleagues quite recently – for various reasons (don’t worry, nobody got fired) and various degrees of permanence. So this post is about saying goodbye at work.

The reality is, saying goodbye is hard under any circumstance, and people tend to avoid doing it as a result. It may even be part of the reason I put off writing this post as long as I did. For a more thorough and personal exploration of why goodbyes suck, check the other post

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