Trying to find work while pregnant

The grass is still green

It’s 10am in the morning, freezing outside, and I’m sitting here, in my PJs, eating breakfast (don’t hate me) – fruit, yoghurt and homemade museli that consists of no sugar – I know.  I’m very, very good at starting the day out well.  It kind of goes downhill as the day progresses.  Especially as I work on my laptop on the kitchen table.  Right in the middle of temptation.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have tossed and turned about the possibility of doing some part-time or short term contract work in my field.  I like the idea of still have the extra time during the week to work on my website and have time to relax during pregnancy.  I also like the idea of spending more time out of the house and meeting new people.  Talking over the water cooler and having a tonic water in the pub…

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