SURVEY: If You Could Review Your Boss What Would You Say?

thCAAEF216Below are some of the responses I received from a recent employee survey entitled…

… “If You Could Review Your Boss What Would You Say?


“I would tell him that he needs to take a leadership class so he can “lead” his department”

Arlene F.
Accounting Assistant


“If I was able to review my boss I probably would lose my job”

Frank J.
Insurance Underwriter


“That would be the coolest thing. I would tell her that she is a great boss and mentor”

Daphne L.
Bakery Assistant


“I would tell her to stop whining so much and start acting like a boss”

Kelley W.
PR Manager


“It would probably take me a couple hours to review my boss because he has so many problems”

Daniel V.
Courier Dispatcher


“I would say stop making your staff work so much overtime. Also stop telling all those stale jokes that no one finds funny. If you did all this maybe your employees would respect you more”

Edna S.
Call Center Manager


“My boss would kill himself before he would let me give him a review”

Darrell P.
Credit Card Specialist


“I would tell my boss that they are doing a great job — keep up the good work”

Natalie C.


“There so much to say that I would not know where to start”

Bruce D.
Cost Accountant


“I would have to wait until he sobers up”

Natalie G.
Assistant Restaurant Manager


“I actually have a great boss so I would love the opportunity to review him”

Pamela W.
Graphic Design Assistant


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