EMPLOYEE RANT: I Cannot Go Through Another Annual Review

thCAU3NLE9  “If I have to endure one more annual review I will just scream. I have been at this company for 17 years and every review I have had has been unprofessional and a waste of my time. The review I had last year consisted of my manager telling a long and drawn out story about her divorce. She gave me all the sordid details about her cheating ex-husband and his mistress. I had to listen to this for two hours! (shouldn’t there be a bonus or something for that?). When she had finished telling her story, we spent a measly five minutes going over my performance for the past year. The year before that was even worse. For this annual review my manager didn’t even bother to show. Instead she faxed over the review form and asked me to sign it. But the review that topped both of these was the one where my manager spent over thirty minutes asking me if I had heard any news or gossip about employees in my department. I couldn’t believe it. Here I am sitting here waiting for my review, and all she wants to do is gossip.

I received an email invitation two days ago regarding my upcoming annual review in April. Instead of responding, I filled out my own review form, signed it and put it in the inter-office mail.

Anastacia R.
Media Coordinator


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