Taking A Look Back At The Gender Gap

X3 Media, LLC

In honor of Women’s History Month, WorkplaceDiversity.com is presenting a look at the past. Women, historically, have made less money than their male counterparts. Part of the reason may be is that women didn’t receive equal rights until 1920’s. Women were more known to be housewives taking care of children rather than CEO’s of a giant conglomerate. With women such as Sheryl Sandberg, Hilary Clinton, Michele Obama and Laurie Ann Goldman, women are being looked to as CEO’s, leaders and history-makers. Let’s take a look back and see how this has come to be.

Since the early 70’s, on average, the amount of women earning college degrees has increased 33.4%[1]. For bachelor’s degree, this number is up almost 14%[2], masters up almost 22%[3] and for doctoral degrees, this number is up an astonishing 42%[4]. This is a main contributing factor as to why…

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