A Better Way to Know if You Should Stay or Quit



It’s inevitable.  Sooner or later, everybody asks themselves whether they are in the right job or not.  It’s a perfectly normal question but one that many people struggle to answer.

Recently, a number of colleagues and friends have been telling me about how unhappy they are in their current positions.  They would go on about one thing or another but they seemed unable or unwilling to recognize the issues at the heart of their dissatisfaction.  Worse, they seemed almost paralyzed about what to do.  On a couple of occasions I couldn’t help myself and blurted out something like “If you are so unhappy, then stop complaining about it and do something!”  With hindsight, I realize that perhaps this wasn’t the best, most enlightening advice I could have offered.

So it got me thinking about how people need to objectively evaluate their professional circumstances and come to their own conclusions about…

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