Pursuing a Career in College Sports: How Important is a Master’s Degree?

Sports Careers Institute

By Dr. Howard Gauthier

I recently received a telephone call from a gentleman whose son is interested in pursuing a career in college sports.  Mr. Peterson said that his son will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree in May and is interested in working in a college athletics department.  Then the question came up – “how does he get a job in an athletics department?”

This question comes up in conversation many times throughout the year.  My response is almost always the same – “pursue a Master’s Degree in Sports Management and gain experience along the way.”  Follow-up questions usually range along the path as:  a) Why does a person need a master’s degree, isn’t a bachelor’s degree just fine?  b) Isn’t a degree in business or another discipline just as good as a degree in Sports Management (or maybe even better)?  c) How does a person gain experience in…

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