Help! I Need a Job! By Erin Shelby

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If you’re like the majority of recent college grads, you’re struggling to find full-time employment in your field of study.  With older workers postponing retirement, companies closing and federal agencies looking at furloughs, you’re not alone in the quest to find meaningful work. Here’s some advice you haven’t heard for an ever-changing, increasingly difficult job market.

Remember Your Worth

As a hard worker needing a paycheck, it’s easy to start sending out résumés to anyone who’s hiring. But before you apply, honestly assess each position: what does it offer you other than a paycheck? Does it give you a chance to shine? Are there advancement opportunities? Is it a rare chance to get more experience in something you’re interested in? Look for positions that will provide more than just a check but a good match with your experience and skills.

Getting Rejected Is Okay

Because you need to start paying…

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