Guest Post: Five Hot Careers to Pursue in 2013

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The first quarter of 2013 is winding down; how far along are you on your plan for a new career? If you are making a change, your first task is research –  deciding on what career to pursue. As in previous years, growth projections for IT, marketing, healthcare, and engineering are still trending up at a steady pace. Here is a list of the fastest growing  careers for 2013 and their qualifications.

1. Social Media Marketing Expected Growth: 51.8%


  • A bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, public relations, or business management.
  • Knowledge of social media platforms.
  • Knowledge of internet marketing strategies.


Social media marketing is one of the newest forms of advertising and a hot buzzword. Should you decide to pursue a career in this field, you can expect to do a lot of research regarding your target market. You will have to learn how to come up with…

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