EMPLOYEE RANT: Dealing With Rude Co-Workers

thCAU3NLE9“I am so tired of having to deal with rude and inconsiderate co-workers. There is one guy in my department who always blows his nose on purpose while someone is eating. He then takes the tissue he uses and places it next to their food. I personally feel that this is a health code violation. I also have to deal with a co-worker that eats bubble gum and blows bubbles all day. I am not kidding. This woman must go through at least twenty five pieces of bubble gum on a daily basis. Every time she finishes chewing all the sugar and flavor out of one piece, she pops another one in her mouth. Also, please don’t get me started about the woman who sits across from me who is constantly spraying on all the perfume samples she got at the mall. There are times when the smell gets so overwhelming that I have to go outside just to breathe.

I had once thought about reporting all these people to human resources, but I think the best thing for me to do is to look for another job…”

Katheryn G.
Graphic Design Specialist

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