Looking for a job? You will be googled

Lunani Joseph

Here are five easy things you can do to manage your online reputation.

1. Google Your Name

Admit it, we’ve all Googled our names. Make sure you are logged out of Google so you see standard versus personalized results. Think of the first page of results for your name search as your home page. Studies show the first page of results get 90% of the click-through volume. Now look for anything negative in the next 5-10 pages. If you have a fairly common name and share it with some dubious characters, start using a middle name and initial on your LinkedIn profile,resume and job application.

2. Own Your Name

When companies build an SEO strategy they look to own the first pages of results for their name, you should do the same. Some quick, easy, and free wins include:

  • Get your Linkedin profile to show up first by making…

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