EMPLOYEE RANT: Working for a Crazy Boss

thCAU3NLE9 “I am an administrative assistant for a publishing company and my job has become very stressful because my boss is crazy. I know this is not a nice thing to say but it is the truth. One day he asked me to input all his business cards into his online directory and the next day he screamed at me because he says I took his business cards without his permission. In another instance I was asked by my boss to order food for a management meeting. He stated that he wanted to serve something tasteful and interesting instead of dry and boring sandwiches. So I ordered a salad and taco buffet. After the meeting was over he called me into his office and screamed at me because I spent too much money and asked why I didn’t order something cheap like sandwiches. I am beginning to think that my boss is either just plain crazy or he is bipolar. In any case, I am looking for a new job”

Celeste C.
Administrative Assistant


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