WORK STRATEGY: How I Get Myself Psyched for Media Pitching Day

“Whenever I have a day of heavy media pitching, I usually go into an empty office that I converted into a “pitching therapy” room. I created this room because I was having a hard time getting myself geared up for talking to the media. I am not sure why, but for the past few weeks I have had a “pitching block” for some reason. In an effort to overcome this, I took over an old office and pasted some of my previous successful print placements on the wall. I also brought a large picture that contains many vibrant bold colors. This may sound strange to some PR professionals, but this has really helped to become more motivated and more creative about media pitching. It seems that when I look at all the successful media campaigns I created, I get more confidence and energy to keep on going

Lisa G.
Senior PR Account Coordinator


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