SURVEY: Where Do You Go For Lunch?

thCAAEF216I recently conducted a survey to find out where employees today like to go for lunch.  This survey consisted of 1,550 employees from various positions and industries. I also included a partial listing of survey comments.


McDonald’s – 28%

Wendy’s – 22%

Subway – 16%

Burger King – 12%

KFC – 10%

Eat at desk – 7%

Other – 5%



“I like Mickey D’s because it is close to my office and it is cheap!”
Layla – IT Support Representative

“I usually try to hit up Wendy’s a few times a week because of their $1 meals”
Darrin – Insurance Adjuster

“My budget doesn’t allow me to eat out much, but when I do I like to go to Subway”
Gerrolyn – Mortgage Processor

“I go to Arby’s because I love those beef and cheese sandwiches”
Kaitlyn – Administrative Assistant

“I usually eat at KFC because their lunch is more like a meal”
Russell – Courier Delivery Driver

McDonald’s is the place I usually go to about two to three days a week”
Andrew – Tax Accountant

“In my opinion the best to go for lunch is my desk. I usually bring my lunch at least three to four days a week because I hate to spend $8 dollar or more not get much”
Trudy S. – Court Reporter

“I can’t afford to eat out for lunch. I see some of my co-workers going out for lunch everyday. I bet they are spending about $40 to $50 per week”
Randall C. – Accounting Clerk


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